about me

rachael mckinney

wife. mother. doula. childbirth educator. I love family time, vacations, starbucks and the color purple. It is my passion to educate, empower and support women.


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I am a proud member of Champaign-Urbana's premier birth and postpartum support team, Gentle Transitions! If you're looking for support in multiple areas of pregnancy/birth/postpartum, come check us out at www.gentletransitions.org. We offer bundled services at a fabulous price, and are a one-stop-shop for all of your birthy needs.


bradley method classes

The Bradley Method® was created based on the principals of Dr. Robert Bradley. While applying the theories he had a 96% success rate. And since the Bradley Method has started, 87% of their trained couples have given birth without the use of medicine. The method stresses healthy mothers and babies and prides itself with giving parents knowledge to be informed consumers.


birth doula services

"Looking for a way to decrease the length of your labor, reduce your need for pain medication, decrease your chances of needing a forceps delivery or a Caesarean, and leave you feeling satisfied about your birth experience? What you need is a doula- the birthing world’s equivalent of a fairy godmother."

- Ann Douglas, Oh Baby Magazine, 2011